Be Your Own Nutritionist

Be Your Own NutritionistNow you can be the expert with this common sense approach to healthy eating and weight loss…

Bombarded by fad diets and scary slogans telling you how to eat healthily and lose weight? Confused as to which of the hundreds of diet books out there is telling the truth? Be your own nutritionist has the answers. Forget low-carb diets, superfoods, your five-a-day – there are no hard and fast rules about what to eat, when.  A healthy diet varies from person to person and, most importantly, from place to place.

This is an every day take on nutrition – showing how factors such as climate, time, environment and emotional wellbeing should all affect the way we eat. Combining age-old traditions of healthy eating (did you know that the mid-Victorians had the best diet of any Britons before or since?) with modern scientific research, I show you how to ignore the fads and eat the right diet for you; a dietary system tried and tested for over a decade in my Bristol clinic.

I explain in clear, easy terms exactly how your digestive system works (and why you need to know). I explain why raw food is sometimes bad for you; and how hot, spicy foods can mitigate against damp and cold.

Packed with easily-adaptable recipes and useful tips, this book is your indispensible guide to eating well in modern Britain.