Covid-19 Clinical Procedures

It has been a difficult few months for us all, but I’m pleased to say that my acupuncture clinic is now open, with new Covid-19 procedures in place.

Please read these protocols so that we can operate safely and confidently:

If you have a cough or fever, DO NOT attend the clinic. 

Please inform me before your appointment and we can discuss the best course of action.

Herbs can still be prescribed and the consultation can take place via media/phone and herbs dispensed straight to you either by post or safely collected from the clinic.

When you come for treatment

  • I will be spacing treatments out, allowing 10 minutes between treatments to ensure you don’t encounter anyone on arrival/departure.
  • As usual I shall be washing my hands before and after any physical contact. Gloves will not be worn.
  • When you arrive please come straight into the clinic where you will be able to  wash your hands or use sanitiser.
  • I will be cleaning the door handles and relevant door surfaces between clients.
  • I have masks, please inform me before your appointment if you would like me to wear one.
  • I have specially dedicated clothes and shoes for clinic use  that have been cleaned, and are washed at the end of each day. The soles of my shoes are disinfected at the end of the day.
  • All deliveries of goods will be left outside the premises and no one other than patients will be entering the treatment space.
  • The toilet is available for use as usual and will be disinfected after use.

High Risk Patients

I will still see all patients. However if you fall into the ‘High Risk’ category, please ensure self assessment of symptoms before attending, and take appropriate measures to maximise your own protection.