What to expect

Before you come

When coming for acupuncture please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Trousers that can easily be rolled above the knee are ideal.

Please ensure that you have eaten on the day of, and prior to, treatment. Do not drink alcohol before treatment.

The clinic has ground level access and a toilet.


Acupuncture – involves the insertion of fine needles. It is normally painless although after the insertion of acupuncture needles more intense aches can occur.

Nutrition – a dietary plan can be drawn up according to your specific needs.

Herbs – concentrated herbal powders are often given. In the case of women’s health, digestive or fertility issues herbs are normally necessary and reduce the need for acupuncture treatment.

Prognosis – After treatment

The clinical goal is always to minimise the number of treatments for maximum benefit

Acupuncture – this can be administered monthly, fortnightly or weekly according to your condition. Your progress will be constantly reviewed. In rare cases of intense pain twice weekly sessions may be necessary for a brief period.

Nutrition – healthy diet is essential for healing. The quality of your diet will receive close attention and constant improvement.

Herbs – herbs are normally given in batches that last 2 weeks. Then the formula is reviewed.


You will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Acupuncture – may cause bleeding or bruising. Very rarely nausea or faintness may occur. Some clients feel that they need to relax after an appointment.

Moxa – is used to generate heat in the treatment of pain. There is the possibility of burns although these are extremely rare.

Cupping – may cause mild bruising.

Herbal medicine – reactions to herbal medicine are extremely rare. A reaction typically manifests as mild diarrhoea. In the case of any reaction to herbal medicine please stop taking the herbs and contact me immediately.

Complaints and ethics

Client concerns are routinely dealt with amicably. If you feel that an issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, I am a member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and you may wish to speak to them.


First consultation (1 Hour) – £65
Follow ups (50 mins) – £55
Childrens’ follow ups – £30
Herbs – typically between £7 and £12 a week

Clinic Hours:

Mon – 10-6
Tues – 10-5
Wed – 10-6
Thurs – 10-5
Fri – 10-5

Cancellation policy

I have a cancellation list for appointments; if you do not come for your appointment, another patient may have been prevented from receiving treatment and I will have lost revenue from the session. Please therefore give as much notice of cancellation as possible.

I require a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation of an appointment or the full fee will be payable for the appointment.